Shredder Specification

The MAXXeGUARD high security shredder is the world’s first mobile, low-noise shredder that can be used in every office environment to destroy a wide range of digital media quickly and 100% securely. The shredder specification offer you a high-quality destruction.

The MAXXeGUARD features are:

  1. Cutting length adjustable from 70 mm up to 1 mm to be fully compliant with the highest security level government and military requirements.
  2. Capable to reduce to the highest security levels (smallest achievable average particle size: 12.05 mm2)
  3. Extremely user-friendly and easy touch screen operation.
  4. Mobile
  5. Very low noise operation (< = 55dB)
  6. Works in an office environment (230 V, 50 / 60 cycles, 13 Amp)
  7. Castor wheels and fitted brakes to enable swift moving between various workplaces. 
  8. Virtually no dust or emissions during processing.
  9. Dimensions:  1.6 x 0.65 x 1.4 m (L x W x H)
  10. Destroys digital data carriers such as Hard disks, hard drives, SSD’s, backup tapes, USB’s, CD’s, DVD’s, floppy disks, PDA’s etc.
  11. A 15 disc auto loader for increased ease of operation and productivity. Thanks to the loader, the MAXXeGUARD works autonomously, which saves you time and means you don’t need to call in an in-house employee to load it for several hours. 



Your MAXXeGUARD can be equipped with:

  • A proof of destruction package for true accountability of proper disposal.




Automatic loader

Each disk is manually placed in its holder and set at a starting point. Then, the MAXXeGUARD will start its program and the pushing plate will push the first item through the cutting mechanism. Upon completion, it will automatically push the second item in its correct starting position. This will continue until the loader is empty of it contents. At that time the loader will return to its starting position.

Cycle of destruction 

The MAXXeGUARD shredder has been designed to provide the highest possible level of security. The average number of cuts is 9-10 cuts per minute. The total output of the machine depends on the chosen product and the required cutting length. This will allow the user to choose a small cut length for classified materials and a larger particle size for non-classified materials.