The MAXXeGUARD hard disk shredder

It is the only high security hard disk shredder of its kind. With minimum noise MAXXeGUARD easily destroys hard disks (hard drives) up to the highest security levels as well as other digital data carriers like SSD’s, LTO’s, USB’s, CD’s, Smartphones, etc . With the MAXXeGUARD you can vary the cut length from 70 – 1 mm. This allows you to choose the correct cut length for each product type and in accordance with the security classification of the stored data  (classified / non-classified).


Capable to meet the highest security standards. MAXXeGUARD reaches the security levels of several international norms.


For use in any office environment to avoid the risk of transporting your sensitive data outside the premises.


Provides real proof of destruction with a (machine generated) report.

Planning ahead

In today’s environment, where methods for destroying confidential data have evolved to take into account factors such as the sensitivity of the information, the risk of data breaches and the financial and reputational consequences, choosing the right destruction tool has become crucial. Rather than focusing solely on simple cost-based ROI calculations, organisations must now anticipate future needs and guard against potential penalties and reputational damage.

So it’s important to think ahead when it comes to managing confidential data to find an efficient way of destroying it for optimum security. 

Security standards are of crucial importance in the destruction of confidential data, as they establish strict protocols to ensure that sensitive information is irreversibly disposed of. They ensure legal compliance, minimise the risk of data leakage, and increase customer confidence in the destruction process.

MAXXeGUARD hard disk shredder meets security standards with the right particle sizes.

Security Standards


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