Real Proof

Proof of destruction is an essential element in the chain of custody.

It’s crucial to confirm the actual destruction of data carriers and the applied security standard. 

When you engage an external service provider, replaced data carriers are often stored until pickup, which can pose a risk of loss or theft. Subsequently, the carriers are usually scanned and removed from your premises for destruction. Achieving 100% certainty regarding their destruction requires a physical presence from your organization during the process. Otherwise, the “proof of destruction” report you receive may be nothing more than a “proof of reception.” Additionally, you must consider who would bear liability for potential reputation damage and penalties if it’s later discovered that certain data carriers weren’t destroyed.

The MAXXeGUARD generates a report

The MAXXeGUARD shredder addresses these concerns effectively. It can be equipped to generate machine reports, complete with photographic evidence taken inside the machine, for every item shredded. When the operator scans and places the product inside the MAXXeGUARD, the machine cross-verifies the data with external scans. Upon confirmation, a photograph is taken, and the product is processed. Following the destruction cycle, a report is generated, including the date/time stamp, the hard drive’s serial number, the programmed destruction settings (e.g., cut length), and the photograph.

Having your own MAXXeGUARD enables immediate destruction of replaced data carriers, eliminating storage risks and maintaining in-house control. You can determine the appropriate security standard yourself. A machine-generated report of destruction ensures a process that leaves no room for doubt, offering 100% certainty.

Hardrive being scanned inside of the MAXXeGUARD device.