Hard Drive Shredder

How does the MAXXeGUARD work ?

In today’s environment, choosing the right destruction tool has become crucial. Organisations now need to anticipate future needs and guard against potential penalties and reputational damage. That’s where the MAXXeGUARD hard drive shredder comes in. Designed to meet the challenges posed by ever-changing standards and regulations, this shredder offers an advanced solution for secure data destruction. Its unique ability to adjust the cut length between 70 and 1 mm enables the destruction of both classified and unclassified data. 

MAXXeGUARD hard drive shredder, is the world only in-house mobile, low-noise, highest security level shredder. 

Its unique knife design performs a triple action :

The MAXXeGUARD employs a hydraulically driven cutter to slice through hard disks and other digital data carriers. Once the product is inserted, a push plate guides it to the cutting table’s edge, where the cutter slices a predetermined thickness.

Slice thickness is easily adjustable via software, ranging from 70 to 1 mm in 1 mm increments. For added security, a cross cut option automatically collects the first cut’s product into specially designed aluminum boxes. These boxes can then be rotated 90 degrees and reinserted for processing in two directions, effectively doubling the cut length to 3 mm.

By choosing the MAXXeGUARD shredder, your organisation can not only meet today’s information security needs, but also anticipate future requirements. You have the flexibility to adjust your security standards as regulations evolve, strengthening the protection of your confidential data and your reputation in the face of potential risks. This in-house disposal adapts to any office environment and provide a real traceability of destruction.

To find out more about the specific features of this product, you can visit the MAXXeGUARD shredder specification page. It’s the ideal tool for tackling the challenges of data destruction in the ever-changing digital world.